Have you lost yourself?

I recently watched a reality TV show. No, not the type where women are jumping over tables and attacking each other. This woman was a Mother. Wife. Sister. Friend.
While talking she began sobbing with hurt because she realized she had LOST herself. Not understanding her purpose and not having any support in what she wanted to achieve in life. I’m sure that once she was a happy person full of laughter, love and inner peace but something happened which caused this turn for the worst.  She admitted that she failed to do things that once made her happy.  Her overall goal was to make sure her husband was comfortable and that her child was well taken care of.  But what about her?  What was she lacking or missing?

I am a firm believer that life is what you make it;however, what are some steps to get you started?

Find the root of where your unhappiness is coming from:
Was there a recent death?
Divorce? Relationship Status
Change in income?
Weight gain?
New Environment?

How can you change it and find your inner peace again?

Tip 1: I find saying a small prayer will help change 100 percent of your insecurities and unhappiness. Find a scripture, meditate on it and truly switch your mentality to find YOU, again.

Tip 2: Change the music you listen to!! Have you noticed music will change your attitude almost Instantly!!!? Whether it’s love, sexual, joyous, mello, whatever, it will change your mood. When I like to relax my mind, I will listen to sultry music like Jhene Aiko to help bring my focus back. On the other hand, when I need to spruce myself up, I will pop in BEYONCE in a second!!!

Tip 3: Figure out what you want to accomplish and Write it Down!!!!

Set Goals for yourself and do not fail yourself by not working toward them. Only you can fail at what you want to accomplish. Focus on it and see it out.

Tip 4: Surround yourself by other BOSSES!! You are the company you keep. Never waste your time by being around those who add zero value to your life. If you can not see how you can gain positivity with those you are around, then sweetie you have the wrong group of friends. Sorry. Not sorry. Force yourself to be around those who force you to Boss Up.

No, there are no set rules or tips for everyone to follow.  These tips are just to get you started!

Note: Remember, life is what you make it! If you make it reckless, depressed, all the things that make no sense, that’s exactly what it will be. Just as if you create your surroundings full of Love, Life, Happiness and Joy it will be just that. Think about it.




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