6 Easy Steps to Own Your Worth: Grind Til’ You Own It!

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You’ve been in your career for about  5 or 6 years give or take, less or more….. and you are tired of getting looked over for promotions, advancements and lead parts.  You want to do more but your Boss isn’t buying.  What do you do?  Should you bring treats for the entire department?  Do you send nice emails to your superior? Or do you stand on the chair and say “Hey!! Look at ME!?

The answer is No, No and HELL NO! If you want your career status to change and provide a more lucrative life, YOU must change first! Well, how do you do that?  I’m excited you asked because no one is really going to tell you. They are busy trying to build themselves up and really have NO TIME FOR YOU!

Here are 6 Easy Steps to Own Your Worth

  1. Start educating yourself in your industry!
    1. What is “Happening Now”
    2. How can your company compete with their competitors
    3. What is changing within your industry

2.) Start Dressing the part

No one wants to look at someone who you wouldn’t look twice at.  People are completely attracted to those who are eye appealing AND EDUCATED.  You may say to yourself, well I don’t care about looking better than everyone.  That’s fine, but that’s also a part of the reason why no one is thinking twice about you.  You don’t have to spend a fortune on clothes and shoes to get a promotion; however, you can press your shirts, wear a nice suit and apply some makeup to look like the “Face of the Company.”  If you have no idea where to start, visit the “What to Wear” section of this site to give you inspiration.

3.) Speak Up!
Time and time again, you have been in staff meetings.  Boring right!?  Well, trust us your Manager/Director can see that you are bored.  Instead of writing notes about what you plan on doing with your weekend or looking at Social Media on your phone, try getting involved in the meeting!

Give Suggestions for the company to improve
Ask Questions about projects
Motivate the Team!
This will not only start a buzz within your department but you will become the person on top of everyone’s mind when it comes to promotions.

4.) Change your Circle and NETWORK!
We know, we know it sounds so crazy to get out and meet new people! However, making yourself known to others will give them an opportunity to get to know you and see what you are all about.  While talking, discussing ideas and basically discussing your resume will trigger a thought of wanting you to become a part of or run their team! What is the point of having all of these degrees, ideas and desires and no one knows them but the person you vent to every other day?  Stop being a hermit and OPEN YOUR MOUTH!

5.) Change your way of thinking
If you are always thinking of the negative in things, you will NEVER amount to much.  Only you can stop you from thinking so badly.  Instead, try to find the good in every situation.  If you cannot find any good, figure out ways you can change what is currently going on.  How do you expect for things to get better if you are not contributing any thoughts, suggestions or ideas to the team?

6.) If all else fails and you have done everything you possibly could, well honey!!! It’s time to start your own Sh*t!!
That’s right! Become an Entrepreneur!! Think of something or things you like to do and start from there. What is your passion? What are you AMAZING at!? Can you afford it?  Do you have time for it?

cannot answer this for you; however, I can motivate you to get you started!

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