First blog post: Welcome My Loves!

First blog post: Welcome My Loves!

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Hello Mommies!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my DivaMom Blog! Although I am a wife, mother of 2 and busy business owner, I totally enjoy taking time to myself and I have used my blog to give me just that! Often times, mothers I encounter ask me personally about my fashion sense, how I balance running my business with my husband, be a supportive (AND SEXY-wink, wink) Wife and continue to be an amazing mom at the same time.  I thought, it would be a fabulous idea to share my thoughts and suggestions to all of you!  Weird way to gain friends, right?…… sigh

On a positive note, we are all Mothers and we are not alone.  Most of us have the same issues, problems and insecurities as the next; however, we are too afraid to discuss it or talk about it openly.  On this blog, I plan to be an open book about my Motherhood, Health, Fashion and Lifestyle experiences with you.  I don’t mind at all.  It is an outlet for me so that I can constantly tell myself I’M NOT CRAZY!!! LOL!!

Well, I hope you enjoy! There will be changes often to this site; as, I am still working on it at the moment.  I completely appreciate your patience!  If there is anything you’d like to discuss please add a comment.  Don’t be shy and SHARE WITH OTHER MOTHERS in our Community.  FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM!!

Many Blessings to you All!!



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